Frequently Asked Questions

A:  Due to the depth of 18", this unit will not accommodate the hanging bar.

A:  The support system for the queen and king beds will not allow for our under bed storage units.   The storage units are also made for the width of the twin and double beds only.

A: Although you can use other bedframes with a College Woodwork headboard, the pre drilled holes are made  to fit the custom bed frames sold only by College. You may have to drill new holes to fit different bed frames.

                   TiP :  Be sure to counter sink your holes before drilling all the way through.

A: The hardware is not provided. To attach the bedframe you need to buy bolts from a harware store and counter sink the holes.

A: The power lift is the metal support system that holds your box spring and mattress.  This support system is used with our queen and king beds.

Please click on the following link for the  Power Lift Installation Guide

A: Approximately 6 1/2" from the floor to the support rails.

A: Yes

A: No, We recommend purchasing our 4” foam mattress to avoid any sizing problems.

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